1. Locust Park is one of the ten villages in Columbia Maryland. It was named after a land grant given to a man named Richard Owings in 1688. The original land grant was named Locust Thicket, but the name was changed to Locust Park. Locust Park was the first neighborhood center i Columbia. It established in February of 1973. It is one of the oldest villages in Columbia, and it has four neighborhoods in it, more than any other village in Columbia.

2. Locust Park was original made up of plantation that were used to grow tobacco. Later on, people needed more places to live, so they decided to get rid of all of the plantations, and start building houses where the fields used to be.

3. Locust Park is one of the largest villages in Columbia. It's borders go from Little Patuxent Parkway to Old Stockbridge Drive.

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5. The street names are named after a famous American poet named Robinson Jeffers. He wrote narrative poems. He was born in 1887 and he died in 1962. He was born in Allegheny, Pennsylvania, but after he finished college, he moved to Europe with his wife. His first famous group of poems was called "Tamar and other poems". This title was later used as a name for one of the streets in Locust Park.

6.One street name in Locust Park is Lambskin Lane. This name was taken from a line of one of Robinson Jeffer's poems, "Decaying Lambskins.

Another street name is Wild Apple Ct. This is taken from part of a poem called "Original Sin".

"These are the people.
This is the human dawn. As for me, I would rather
Be a worm in a wild apple than a son of man."

A third street name is Bluepool Road. This is part of Jeffer's poem called "The Eye".

"The Atlantic is a stormy moat; and the Mediterranean,
The blue pool in the old garden,
More than five thousand years has drunk sacrifice
Of ships and blood, and shines in the sun; but here the Pacific--
Our ships, planes, wars are perfectly irrelevant."

The fourth street name is Crosshive Road. This name was from Jeffer's poem, called "Rock and Hawk".

"I think, here is your emblem To hang in the future sky; Not the cross, not the hive."

The fifth street name is Flicker Road. This is from a part of Jeffer's poem, "Night".

"What? Not a spark? What flicker of a spark in the faint far
Of a lost fire dying in the desert, dim coals of a sand-pit the

7.Some special features of the neighborhood is that there are a lot of indoor and outdoor pools, and there are a lot of parks. Also, the village center is 105,000 square feet, or 7.5 acres of land.