Tiffany Anderson

Bryant Woods is a populated place located in Howard County at latitude 39.222 and longitude -76.868.The elevation is 397 feet. It's located in Wild Lake, in Columbia Md, 21044. Bryant woods was named after the famous poet William Cullen Bryant. Bryant was born on November 3, 1794, in a log cabin near Commington, Massachusetts. he was the second son of peter Bryant and Sarah Snell. The William Cullen Bryant Homestead, his boyhood home, is now a museum. In Worthington and Bridgewater in Massachusetts, William studied the law at Williams college(the name). William was inspired to write "To a Waterfowl" (which is how Waterfowl Terrace was named) by spotting a bird flying past.
In 1884, New York City's Reservoir Square, at the intersection of 42nd Street and Sixth Avenue, was renamed Bryant Park in his honor.

Street names:

  • Barcan Circle- from the poem "Thanatopsis"
  • Blue Heron
  • Catterskill Court- named after Bryant's poem "Catterskill Falls"
  • Crimson Tree Court- from the poem "Autumn Woods"
  • Cullen Terrace- named after William Cullen Bryant
  • Daystar Court
  • Evening Wind Lane- Named after the Poem "The Evening Wind"
  • Gray Owl Garth
  • Greek Boy Place- Named after the poem "The Greek Boy"
  • Green Mountain Circle- from the poem "June"
  • May Wind Court
  • Mid Summer Lane- named after the poem "Midsummer"
  • Morning Wind Lane- from the poem "An Indian Story"
  • New Moon Place- named after the poem "The New Moon"
  • Nightmist Court
  • Open Sky- from the poem "Spring in town"
  • Painted Cup- named after the poem "The painted cup"
  • Placid Lake Court
  • Rain Dream Hill
  • Rivulet Row- named after the poem "The Rivulet"
  • Thicket Lane- from "A Summer Ramble"
  • Tidesfall
  • Trumpeter Road- from "The Death of the Aliatar"
  • Waterfowl Terrace- named after the poem "To a Waterfowl"
  • Wild Turkey Lane
  • Wild Lake Terrace
  • William Tell Lane- named after the poem "William Tell"
  • Windstream Drive