In the chart, write your name and the neighborhood you would like to research. Here is a list of neighborhoods in Columbia:
  • Wilde Lake – Bryant Woods, Faulkner Ridge, Running Brook, The Birches
  • Harper's Choice – Longfellow, Swansfield, Hobbit's Glen
  • Oakland Mills – Thunder Hill, Talbott Springs, Stevens Forest
  • Long Reach – Phelps Luck, Jeffers Hill, Locust Park, Kendall Ridge
  • Owen Brown – Dasher Green, Elkhorn, Hopewell
  • Hickory Ridge – Clemens Crossing, Hawthorn, Clary's Forest
  • Dorsey's Search – Dorsey Hall, Fairway Hills
  • Kings Contrivance – Dickinson, Huntington, Macgill's Common
  • River Hill – Pheasant Ridge, Pointers Run
  • Town Center – Vantage Point, Banneker, Amesbury, Creighton's Run, and Warfield Triangle

Why did you choose this neighborhood?
I chose Hawthorn because I live right by the neighborhood and I go to the Hawthorn pool a lot, so i thought it'd be cool to know why Hawthorn is called Hawthorn. I also like the name.
Clary's Forest
I chose Clary's Forest as my neighborhood because i have lived there all my life and I am interested to learn about where i have lived for so many years.
Clemen's Crossing


Hobbit's Glen
I chose the neighborhood of Hobbit's Glen for this project because I am very used to and familar with this neighborhood for multiple reasons. This neighborhood, I feel, has many amenities and is one of the older and more historical neighborhoods in Columbia.
Dorsey Hall
I picked Dorsey hall because it was interesting to learn about in social studies and I wanted to continue learning about it!

Mary Kate
Macgill's Common
I chose this neighborhood because i thought that there would be some good history on a place named after someone, so I chose this random neighborhood that I know nothing of.

Thunder Hill
I chose Thunder Hill to research because I am very unfamilar with this area. This project would be a great opportunity to learn about it. I was also attracted to researching this city because of the name Thunder Hill. Thunder Hill is an interesting name, so I am assuming the history of this neighborhood will be also.
Hope Well
I chose to do Hope Well for my project because my first option didn't have enough information. I thought I should choose an area that I really don't know much about, and the name stood out to me so I thought why not go with this one.
Bryant Woods
I chose Bryant Woods because my grandma lives there and I wanted to learn more about its surroundings and features.
Pointer's Run
I chose Pointers Run because i used to play baseball and lacrosse there. I also have a lot of friends that live in the Riverhill / Pointers Run section of Columbia
I chose Longfellow because I thought it would be easy and because I live there.
Locust Park
I chose to do Locust Park because I do not know a lot about it, and I would like to learn about it. Also, I think that the name is cool.
Running Brook
I chose this because I also thought that the name was pretty and I don't know that much about this neighborhood.
Talbott Springs
I chose to have a random neighborhood given to me because I would like to learn about a place near me that I don't know much about or haven't heard of.
Pheasant Ridge
I chose Pheasant Ridge because I like the neighborhood of River Hill and The name sounds really interesting. I don't really know Pheasant Ridge so this project seems like a good opportunity to learn more about my hometown.
Steven's Forest
I went to preschool at Stevens Forest Nursery School, and one thing I remember clearly was that (atleast back then) it was really pretty, and i just loved all of the houses and landscaping. I honestly have no idea why Steven' Forestis called Steven's Forest, so I thought by choosing Steven's Forest to do my project on, i could learn something new about a place in which I hold lots of memories.